People search for deeper meaning because they want and need to, not because it's "necessary" or "appropriate." Whether the meaning actually exists is almost besides the point. BtVS is the common language we use to discuss whatever is important to us - justice, morality, sex, friendship, fate, God, whatever. This board lets us conduct conversations with like-minded people that range from the ridiculous to the sublime, and that is a wonderful thing - rare, and worth having. Where Buffy is shallow we spackle in the depth, and where it is deep, we plunge our minds into the heady intellectual maelstrom of discussion, argument and debate. Hamlet used a silly play to work on the conscience of his king - we use a tv show about a pretty vampire killer to examine ours.
--- Arethusa, 7/05/02, 6:37
In these pages, you'll find essays, fiction, poetry, and apocryphal scenes you'll never see on BtVS. You'll also find an introduction to the Existential Scoobies, how to add your own profile, and parodies on posters' aliases. There are links of particular interest to Existential Scoobies, as well as the famed Character Studies from the First Anniversary Posting Party, hosted by Rowan. You can search the Archives to read posts going all the way back to the first Discussion Forum. And, of course, you're invited to join us in Forum and talk about it.

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