1st Anniversary Character Posting Party - Faith
Brian - July 26, 2001


Girl, she's on the run
Everyone's next one
Until she gets the call to Slayerhood
She's bad even when she's good

Forces Faith to decamp
To California, she's again on the run
Finds Buffy in the land of laidback sun

But little Faith, she's got a dream
To be number one is her scheme.
Men are puppets to be used
Her sexual skills make men confused.

But Angel he won't play the game
Along with Buffy he thinks she's insane.
The joy of Slaying is one fine gig
Until she sticks a human like a pig

No where to turn
When the Watcher Council's learn
Try to take her back
Faith won't take that petty flack

Joins the Mayor's team,
she's no hack
Finds a father figure in
one so black

She joins the dark side
from the light
Now she will have to
Buffy fight

In a long coma she
finally awakes
Payback time, she wants
to take.

Becomes Buffy, what a life!
But finds goodness is too much strife.
When life's too high a price to pay
She's off to run another day

In LA she makes her suicide run
Taunts Angel with the game, it's so much fun
But Angel he still won't play that game
Makes her see all her shame

Using violence she tries to pay the cost
But all Angel sees is little girl lost
He holds her in his protecting arm
She finally sees all her harm

Confession is so good for the soul
Faith plays her final role
In prison she finally sits and smiles
She's happy, at least, for awhile.

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