Classic Movie of the Week
OnM - May 31, 2002

The two media of film and stage are very different, although the desired goals entertainment-wise are very similar. Both involve the use of writers, directors, actors and production people, and both can be either mindless fluff or hard core thought-pieces or any mixture thereof. While I can enjoy either play or film, I confess that I lean towards film, although that may simply be the case because I have had a long term hobby interest in photography, and it's always another layer for me to appreciate when I see any reasonably well crafted movie. In many cases, people who have seen both a stage play and a movie that was subsequently made from it generally express a preference for the play, often citing as reason the 'immediacy' of the stage, which I can certainly appreciate. Also, stage acting demands that you make very few errors, there are no retakes after rehearsal is over and the curtain is up-- only the very creme de la creme of the acting profession gets to have a long career on the stage.



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