1st Anniversary Character Posting Board Party - Jenny Calendar
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Ms. Calendar wasn't around as long as the other characters but she made quite an impact during her short time on the Hellmouth. This essay will summarize the details of her life in Sunnydale, the events leading to her death, and other issues dealing with Ms. Calendar.

Techno-pagan computer whiz
When we first meet Ms. Calendar she was the computer science teacher at Sunnydale High, during "I Robot You Jane" and she seemed like just another teacher. She turned out to be a techno-pagan, someone who communicates information on the supernatural using a computer. She also turned out to a useful ally to the Scoobie Gang, providing information to Giles about apocalypse signs form around the world. She also found a cure for Angel using a program of her own design.

Jenny and Giles
In her first appearance she argued with Giles about the virtues of computers and their superiority to books. As the episodes went on she and Giles started dating and even fell in love. During "The Dark Age" she was possessed by a demon and nearly killed Giles. The experience was enough to cause her to avoid Giles. In a short time she was able to get over her fears and fall for Giles. In fact the love between Jenny and Giles was the motivation behind many of the events that stopped Angel from ending the world. More on that in "the end" section.

Janna of the Kalderash People
During "Surprise" and "Innocence" we learn Jenny's big secret. She is Janna of the Kalderash tribe, a Romany gypsy. These were the same people who restored Angel's soul after he killed a girl from their tribe. During "Surprise" her uncle Enyos pays her a visit. During their conversation we learn her mission, she was sent to Sunnydale to watch over Angel and make sure his suffering continued. Enyos warns her that the elder woman of the tribe senses Angel's suffering is beginning to fade and if he achieves true happiness he will lose his soul. Jenny tells him about angel's relationship with Buffy. When Enyos hears of this he orders her to put a stop to it before the curse is broken. Jenny agrees to do whatever she can to keep the two apart. This is the decision that starts a chain of events that will lead to her untimely death.

Jenny is present at Buffy's birthday party when she gets the arm of the Judge. This is when she makes her first and only attempt at separating Angel and Buffy. She tells Angel that he must leave town with the arm and take it someplace remote and far away where it will never be found again. Unfortunately the arm is taken and later on Buffy and Angel have sex and he loses his soul. Soon after Buffy has a series of dreams that connect Jenny and Angel. Once she is exposed Buffy and Giles feel betrayed and completely cut her off from the group.

The End
Once Giles and Buffy cut ties to her Jenny decides not to sit around and wait for them to forgive her, she goes out and does something about it. During "Passion" she creates a program that will translate the ritual needed to curse Angel again and buys an Orb of Thessela that she must use for the ritual. At school Buffy comes up to her and tells her how much Giles misses her and that she is more or less forgiven. After school that night Giles stops by her class and they talk. She tells him she is working on a special project and he invites her to his house when she is finished. Everything is looking up for Jenny. Unfortunately she never gets her happy ending.

Drusilla shows up at the magic shop to question and probably kill the owner. Earlier she had a vision someone was trying to break up her "happy family". She most likely tells Angel what she learns because he comes after Jenny. After the program finishes translating the ritual and she has saved it on a disk Angel shows up. He rips up the printout and destroys her computer not knowing about the disk. He states his intentions of killing her and throws her into the door. Jenny gets up and runs out of the class and tries to leave the school, but the door is locked for the night. She runs through the school with Angel right behind her. She manages to knock him over with a janitor's cart runs up a flight of stairs. Unfortunately Angel is waiting at the top of the stairs and snaps her neck. He then leaves her body in Giles's bed and prepares what looks like a romantic evening set up by Jenny.

Effects of Jenny's Death
Giles is overcome by grief when he discovers Jenny's body and plans to do something about it. After learning of Jenny's death the Scoobies race over to Giles's house to make sure he doesn't do something stupid. Too late he has already left. Before they get there Giles leaves after grabbing his weapons. After Xander gives a speech on why Angel should die Buffy agrees and takes off, she is finally ready to stake Angel.

Over at the factory Giles drops a torch in front of Angel and shoots him in the shoulder with a crossbow and then attacks him with a flaming baseball bat. Angel overpowers Giles while Drusilla and Spike escape the fire. Buffy arrives just in time to save Giles but has to let Angel go to save Giles from the fire.

Lets talk about her mission. I don't think that Jenny hurt anyone intentionally. Her conversation with Enyos is when she probably learned of the happiness clause. We learn a lot about her and her mission during her conversation with Giles. She made it clear that she wasn't out to get anyone and that if she knew what was going to happen she would have told them right away. We also learn she kept her mouth shut because of her loyalty to her people. Ever since Angel killed the favorite daughter of their tribe the Kalderash have ensured that Angel would suffer and know the pain he had caused. This was the first thing Jenny was ever taught.

Jenny and Kendra
In fact you can draw a parallel between Kendra and Jenny with this information. Kendra was identified as a Slayer early in her life and given over to her Watcher at a young age so she could be prepared for her future mission. Jenny was taught about the pain Angel had caused her people since she was very young. She too was one individual chosen for what her people deemed a sacred duty and prepared since childhood. However Jenny wasn't as driven by protocol and tradition as Kendra. She realized that her mission had failed when Angel lost his soul, but instead of hiding under her bed until her friends had forgiven her and Angel was dust she went out and did something about it. If Jenny had been as by the book as Kendra she wouldn't have found the ritual to restore Angel because that wasn't part of her mission.

Ghost Jenny
While she may have died in "Passions" Jenny or at least someone who took her form has appeared several times.

First there was her almost appearance in "I Only Have Eyes for You". Giles was unable to fully accept her death so he convinced himself that the ghost haunting the school must be Jenny. He held on to this fantasy until the real spirit began attacked Willow, something that the real Jenny would never do.

The most believable posthumous appearance of Jenny happens during "Becoming pt.2". While Giles is being tortured for information Spike tells Drusilla to get the information. She reaches into his mind and gives him his heart's desire. She makes him see her as Jenny, and tricks him into telling her how to awaken Acathla. This isn't the real appearance I was talking about but I thought I should mention it since it does look like Jenny.

In my opinion it was Jenny's spirit that possessed Willow and finished the spell to give Angel his soul again. Giles had stated that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person with some unfinished business or emotional pain that needs to be resolved. Jenny died before she was able to cast the spell or even know for sure that it would work. I think this could be the type of unfinished business keeping her from letting go. Once the spell was over she was able to cross over.

We also see Jenny in "Amends" sort of. Angel appeared to be visited by the spirits of people he had killed in the past, including Jenny. These spirits were all trying to show him how worthless and evil he really was. However these spirits were not really real. They were just forms taken by the first evil to torture Angel so it wasn't really Jenny.

Jenny was a great character with lots of potential that she didn't get to fulfill. So I hope that you liked the essay, as it was the first I have written.