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Angel's a Champion. And Wesley's the Brains of the operation, and Gunn is the Muscle, Cordy's the Heart, and I'm...? --Fred "Fredless"

Angel Warning: this page contains info about episodes up through season 6 BtVS/season 3 AtS. If you're in danger of being spoiled, proceed with caution.

Romania, 1898:

After the gypsies cursed Angelus, his human soul was restored to his body. But why did this new dual creature call himself "Angel"? Why didn't he use his human name, Liam?

...he is trying to redeem himself for all he did as a demon, and maybe he feels that by doing good things as "Angel," he can restore reverence to the name (BuffyBuff, Feb 23 11:45 2000).


A recently-souled Angel saves a missionary family from a Chinese rioter and from his predatory vamp-family during the Boxer Rebellion (1900), then later saves the missionaries' infant when Darla demands he feed on it. In 1952, he almost saves some hotel residents from a demon, until they turn on him.

Manhattan, 1996: The down-and-out vampire-with-a-conscience who gave up on human beings years before is pulled out of the sewer and asked to work on the side of good. Angel moves to Sunnydale to await his work helping the slayer (implied in The Wish).

1997: Angel starts his work as the cool, mysterious purveyor of cryptic warnings for the slayer. He warns Buffy about the Harvest, fork-guy, the order of Aurelius, the Anointed One, Spike, the Order of Taraka, and the apocalypse in The Zeppo. When Angel brings Giles the Codex with slayer prophecy in it (IG), he tells Giles that the Master has "something big" planned. He also brought Giles a warning about Hus based on Doyle's vague vision.

His romance with Buffy created a "softer, gentler" vampire, but (except for the de-souled period) he came through when he was needed:

Buffy save-age: from the Three, his sire Darla, joins Xander in saving Buffy from the Master, Spike and the mini-demons, the Tarakan assassin, the Judge. 1998-99: from Pete in B&tB, the telepathic demon whose heart will save Buffy, the Mayor (in the hospital in Graduation), a vengeance spirit.

Other heroic moments: Saves the gang from suffocation, saves Xander from one of Spike's minion vampires (School Hard), saves a young boy left in the park from Drusilla and teams up with Willow and Xander to find out Ford's evil plans, drives Eyghon out of Jenny by taking it into himself, tries to goad Spike into killing him to prevent the ritual to restore Drusilla's health. Saves Willow from Mrs. Post, tries to save Joyce from Spike in Lover's Walk, bizarro-world Angel tried to save victims of the Master and later helps Buffy try to defeat the Master, faces the Jhe-demons and the Hellmouth Beast, helps fight Balthazar and his vamp minions, saves Xander from Faith then tries to counsel her, tells the gang that Faith is the Mayor's emotional weak link (Graduation), fights vamps during the Ascension.

Los Angeles, 1999-present: Angel leaves Sunnydale and finds a new home where he can fight evil and make amends. Does Angel have a destiny to do good decided by the powers that be? He just might:

"There is a design Angel, hidden in the chaos as it might be. But it's there. And you have your place in it." -- Wesley, Blind Date

Highlights of Angel's battle for good:

Cordy save-age: from a severed hand in SAR, from Russell Winters, helps the Bitch get back in RWAV, from Barney, the Hacksaw Beast, drug-stuffed wild Kwainis, and Vocah's vision-spell, from the land of Pylea, from the wounding visions (TVT), from Darla in Offspring, from Count Kurskov's lackeys, from a Wolfram and Hart black ops team.

The morally ambiguous Angel
The evil of


I think that's Cordy's true nature tongued and tactless on the outside, but good at heart and does the right thing in the clutch (devil, Jan 12 20:25 1999).


"We kept getting put in these life or death situations, and that's always all sexy and stuff."

Unlike many women, young women in particular, Cordy feels at home in the world. She's not afraid that people aren't going to like her if she expresses an opinion, she is confident of her own assessment of matters, and she is sure she's smart and beautiful. She's not afraid to ask for what she wants, and she is sure she's entitled to it (Diajanwal, 11/17 8:22 pm).

Karl's Cordelia and Plato: Allegory of the Cave: an analysis of Cordelia's journey from May Queen to Scooby Gang member

Los Angeles

As the [1st] season ...progressed, Cordelia has become just a little less self centered (NuPhalanx, 1/5/00 6:59 pm).

...during her time with angel. she must've come to a great realization of things, especially when she had that vision attack thing. imagine feeling people's fear, pain, and suffering all at once for like HOURS (pocky, 12-Oct-00 11:56)

"I was the ditsiest bitch in Sunnydale, coulda had any man I wanted; now I'm all superhero-y and the best action I can get is an invisible ghost who's good with a loofah."

Goodbye, 'Queen C'.

The hermetically insensitive Cordelia
Cordelia and Jasmine


Despite his klutzy moments, he's starting to prove his worth in his role of "research guy" for Angel and he CAN fight when pushed to it (Wolf577, Feb 8 19:27 2000).

Wesley's finest moments:

Faith: I think I want to hear you scream.
Wesley: You never will (Lucille, Jun 21 9:45 2000).

The moral ambiguity of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Gunn "I still hunt vampires, but if this job has taught me anything, it's that there's things a lot worse out there than a set of teeth."

People do what they must to survive in the Buffyverse, and those with the hearts of warriors take on the fight for those who cannot defend themselves with such aplomb. Gunn is such a person. He was the leader of a family of street kids in their war against the local vampires. He took care of his people, making sure they fed and sheltered. Then he met a vampire with a soul and signed on as one of his evil-fighting colleagues.

Gunn's slayage

Gunn the detective:

He serves as the "clear thinker" when everyone else is dealing with conflict. ...Gunn tends to be the voice of reason - even at times if is a bit abrasive - when the others are not thinking clearly (Sebastian, 9:54:01 4/19/01).

Gunn is a little more down to Earth than his Angel Investigation colleagues, who've been fighting supernatural evil just a little too long.

More Gunn good deeds

Counselor Gunn

The hot-headed Charles Gunn


Fred's finest moments

Fred's experiences in Pylea have made her a little goofy, but she is also a survivor who can rise to the occasion:

"Angel's a Champion. And Wesley's the Brains of the operation, and Gunn is the Muscle, Cordy's the Heart, and I'm...?" Tiny Winifred Burkle was all the above. Whatever the situation needed, champion, brains, muscle, heart or anything else, that's what she was and she did it with quiet grace and dignity that we could all learn from. On Pylea she is as much the rescuer as she is the rescued. She is hero and damsel rolled into one wonderful package. One minute she is crying because she feels alone and scared and the next she is kissing Angel to hide them both. In her last moments, she was scared. A hero isn't someone that doesn't get scared. It is someone who even though she is scared, she still thinks of others. A hero is someone that wants a beautiful lie told to her parents. Fred came back from Pylea afraid of the truth, so afraid that she ran away. She constructed a beautiful fairy tale about heros on horses and castles. Fred no longer runs from the truth. Instead she protects others from it. Or at least she did. Winifred Burkle will remain in the hearts of those of us who love her and is greatly missed (lunasea, May 22nd, 2004 - 02:37)

The Moral Ambiguity of Fred


Connor believes he's his father's son. And while he fears deep down inside that that father is Angelus, Connor has a soul just like Angel, and just like Angel, an urge to do what's right. Now if Angel can just teach the kid to think things through before he acts.

The heroic deeds of the not-too-bright, but always gung-ho Connor:

The feral conflicted Connor

All Things Evil in the Buffyverse

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