Classic Movie of the Week
OnM - August 24, 2002

So, think about it-- we've come a long way since resolving a difference meant grabbing a big stick lying nearby and smashing the other guy's skull with it. Now, you:

1. Offer your foe the opportunity to purchase a big, heavy stick at a 'really low' price.
2. Tell your foe that hanging the stick above his bed will bring about a closer relationship with some god.
3. Point out that if your foe really believes in his faith, that he will make the string holding the stick as thin as possible to illustrate that the god is looking out for him and won't allow it to fall.
4. When the string eventually breaks, remind your foe in his last fading moments of consciousness that he failed his god by not making the string correctly. Your foe dies lamenting his carelessness, especially since it also caused the death of his mate, who was lying beside him in the bed.
5. Accept a promotion from your superiors for selling so many sticks.



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