• BtVS watcher since: Been watching BTVS since Bad Girls.
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: First post in march of 2001.
  • Origin of posting name: Drizzt is a noble-warrier elf. Described in books by RA Salvador.
  • Age / species / day-job: I am 28/human/work in construction.
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: No favorite quotes...love the whole show!
  • Favorite philosopher: My favorite philosophers are Masquerade, OnM, and Solitude 1056.
  • TTMQ: 10
  • Strangest thread topic ever posted: Loved the thread that got into a philisophical discussion of shower mildew.
  • Coolest thread topic ever posted: My favorite thread was Solitude's mini lecture on exestitialism.
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: Love this board because it is about my favorite show, and has intelligent posts on any subject; except for the occasional Troll. Sic the Trollbot on those people;-)

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