Little One
  • BtVS watcher since: watching I Robot, You Jane
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: ATPoBtVS/AtS groupie since March 2001.
  • Origin of posting name: Little One is what I call my cat when I'm too emotional to get out their real name (e.g. laughing too hard at her antics). Not to mention, I'm only 5'2"
  • Age / species / day-job: 27 / aspiring/perspiring novelist / a.k.a. unemployed
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: Spike's line in The Crush never fails to get me, "I'm drowning in you, Summers. I'm drowning in you."
    And of course for humour, from The Gift, :
    "SPIKE: Well, not exactly the St. Crispin's Day speech, was it?
    GILES: We few ...we happy few.
    SPIKE: We band of buggered.
  • Favorite philosopher: Don't really have a favourite philosopher
  • TTMQ: 8 (hey I've got to think about cheekbones, cats and chocolate 20% of the time).
  • Strangest thread topic ever posted: Camping with Buffy and the Scoobies
  • Coolest thread topic ever posted: Not really a cool thread starter, just responder
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: Because it incorporates intellect and humour with chewy philosophical goodness; makes the little grey cells happy!

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