• BtVS watcher since: First saw BTVS Dec 2001. I had to do a Language study on a TV program for my degree - my group decided on BTVS (I thought - uh no kid's stuff!) and they gave me season 1 boxset to watch. Needless to say - I was bitten! I now own seasons 1-3!
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: Been posting under the name Diagnoztix since December 2001 - but fancied a change!
  • Origin of posting name: From Edgar Allen Poe - My Surname includes the word raven, and is of Norse origin. Like the raven in Poe's poem I'm rather dark and mysterious - but hopefully not evil or demonic!
  • Age / species / day-job: 20 / Human female , yet seem to be getting increasingly nocturnal in habits...hmm / Studying English (Can u guess?)
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: The library scene - the Scooby Gang's entire grilling of Giles talking to the 'empty chair' person in Some Assembly Required - "Add it all up, it spells 'Duh."
  • Favorite philosopher: Don't really have one but Oscar Wilde said a lot of cool things!
  • TTMQ: Definitely ten
  • Strangest thread topic ever posted: Dunno - still new to this
  • Coolest thread topic ever posted: Ditto!
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: Because its interesting, regularly updated and on Buffy! Nuff said?

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