Purple Tulip
  • BtVS watcher since: Season Six, "Once More with Feeling"---yeah, I'm a newbie
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: Around December or January of 2002 (Season Six)
  • Origin of posting name: Simple---fave color, fave flower- combine them togther and voila!
  • Age / species / day-job: 20 / female / college student by day, GODDESS by night (ok, not really---just a boring English major, but one day to become a powerful television producer!)
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: Gotta be anything out of Spike's mouth- he has the best lines- hard to pick just one, but I really liked his whole schpeel in Becoming Part 2, from "happymeals with legs" to the I'm in a band and "well...I sing"
  • Favorite philosopher: Emily Dickinson actually - I love how no one ever got her and she was a recluse and caused the whole town to gossip about her. But if I had to choose an actual philosopher, I guess I'd have to go with Aristotle or Sartre - I mean, have you read "No Exit"? Wow- that guys mind just blows me away.
  • TTMQ: Ummm....between a 9 and a 10---I think way more than I should, gets me into trouble.
  • Strangest thread topic ever posted: I don't know if I've really been around here long enough to pick one---most of them are really intelligent and in-depth.
  • Coolest thread topic ever posted: deffinately not mine! I don't have the brain capacity to come up with some of the amazing things that I've read on this board!
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: Because you guys make watching this show more interesting. I've never gotten so involved with a TV show before, and I've been watching TV for a long time. But with this show, you need to talk things out and analyze plots and characterization---and I can come here and do that. I always feel a little smarter after reading your posts---thanks for sharing your brains with me!

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