• BtVS watcher since: Willow and Tara kissed. (The big media hype attracted me). Then I immediately caught up from Day One and never missed another episode. I'm an Angel watcher from the beginning!
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: The first morning of 2003.
  • Origin of posting name: My favorite Buffy is when she's being bad. Wicked bad. Faith could bring the wicked out in her, so could Spike. I weep everyday over the non-existence of a VampBuffy. errr, anyway - I'm usually WIckedBuffy or Wickedwhatevermymoodis. It's a wonderful way for all my different personalities to get a chance to blurt out their notions.
  • Age / species / day-job: Yanked out into the world on the sweltering 18th day of August. Making me a female Leo six times over. Before it's cancellation, I held a steady job on Baywatch as "drowning swimmer #3". I'm currently a Television Reality Show reviewer/bathing suit trampoline jumper for Spike TV.
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: Just one? awww... you pick just one!

    Spike: Well, isn't this usually the part where you kick me in the head and run out, virtue fluttering?
    Buffy: That's the plan... as soon as my legs start working.

    Buffy: "Wait. Stop! Think."
    Faith: "No. No. No."

    Buffy: "'Sisterhood of Jhe. Race of female demons, fierce warriors..." Eww. "...celebrate victory in battle by eating their foes." They couldn't just pour Gatorade on each other?"
    Faith: "Lights on or off? Kinks or vanilla?"
  • Favorite philosopher: My Dad.
  • TTMQ: 1-10. Depends on the moment. My IQ can go from 80 to 130 in 2.5 seconds. Or vice-versa.
  • a. Most memorable thread (by yourself or someone else): All the ones no one knew I wrote. I'm so easily entertained.
    b. Thread that made you first decide to stick around and/or post: One of my first posts, commenting on Connor and Gunns characteristics. I was subtley, but pointedly accused of all kinds of horrible things because of a difference in definition of a word. Shocked and confused, I was just about to leave the Board for good when MsGiles posted some very kind words about the situation. Her post gave me enough support to continue and work through the misunderstanding. If it wasn't for her, I'd have missed out on being part of a very incredible, wonderful place full of eclectic, amazing people!
    b. Thread that made you think the most: The ones arguing what "Evil" or "Love" or "Hero" really mean.
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: I love it because I'm slowly becoming part of it. Part of a community of unique, crazy, serious, hilarious thought-provoking individuals who love to argue, agree and laugh at all kinds of things (in addition to Joss's creations).
    Plus, I can use as many different names as I want. Which is helpful when I post possibly really stupid things. I can really get away with a lot that way. umm, not that I do it ALL the time ::koff::

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