• BtVS watcher since: the first saw the pilot that the BBC in England showed and never looked back seen every episode and ever series since. Can't remember exactly what year maybe 1997/1998?
  • Hanging out at the ATPoBtVS Posting board since: very very new, since about a month ago
  • Origin of posting name: one of my favourite novels ' franny and zooey' by Salinger. Zooey has always been one of my favourite characters of all time
  • Age / species / day-job: 21/22 / bookworm / and Ph.D. student
  • Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote: buffy : 'you do research now? want a cappuccino and a packet of cigarettes to go with it?' ...is this my life?
  • Favorite philosopher: Rather typically heidegger, though at the moment I'm quite interested in Wittgenstein and Bataille
  • TTMQ: 10- so high my head hurts from not doing anything or getting fresh air.. or maybe its the coffee
  • Strangest thread topic ever posted: the threads discussing whether buffy actually had an orgasm are pretty amusing
  • Coolest thread topic ever posted:
  • Why I love this board more than unlife itself: its nice to be able to talk about my obsession with others.

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