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Forum Metaphysics

Threaded discussion boards keep various topics separate. They aren't "chat rooms". Only one post per computer per minute. Typically, people come by to read and write posts once or twice a day. Don't be upset if it takes a while for others to notice your brilliant treatise.

You start new threads by clicking "Post a new message". You reply to a current message by clicking on the message subject line and scrolling down to the message box at the bottom of the page.

After all the posts on the main board reach 300k in size, the thread that has the least amount of recent activity is sent to the archives. There are five archives typically going back one or two weeks. You can read them, but not post to them. Selected archives can also be found at the ATPoBtVS Archives. Check'm out. Lots of yummy philosophical goodness there. Unlike other boards, posts that take up a screen or two are not considered "long" here. And other posters do read and discuss them! You can write a post that is any where from zero sentences (subject line only) to 1,000 sentences. It is recommended that lengthy dissertations be divided into two or more posts, though--even two or more threads.

I try not to censor posts. Posters of all ages are welcome here if they enjoy the discussions, but the majority of posters are adults (over 18). That means "adult" topics and language are to be expected from time to time. However,

  • I reserve the right to remove posts containing pornographic material, links to pornographic material, over-use of four-letter words, and offensive personal attacks on other posters.
  • Advertisements for other BtVS, AtS, and philosophical websites, books, magazines, and merchandise are welcome, but advertisements for unrelated stuff will be deleted.
  • I will also remove posts at the request of the person who posted them. This may take a while, and if the post has generated a thread of discussion by other posters, I may not remove it.

Using HTML

HTML is permitted in the body of a post, but will not work in the subject lines. A quickie HTML primer:

Bold Face

  • Write as: <b>HTML</b> is permitted in the body of a post.
  • Looks like: HTML is permitted in the body of a post.
  • Write as: The episode of Angel that was never filmed was called <i>Corrupt</i>.
  • Looks like: The episode of Angel that was never filmed was called Corrupt.
  • Write as: I can't decide which Buffy soundtrack song I like better--<u>Strong</u> by Velvet Chain, or <u>Virgin State of Mind</u> by K's Choice.
  • Looks like: I can't decide which Buffy soundtrack song I like better--Strong by Velvet Chain, or Virgin State of Mind by K's Choice.
  • Write as: Snyder was the <s>tiny nazi fuhrer</s> principal of Sunnydale High.
  • Looks like: Snyder was the tiny nazi fuhrer principal of Sunnydale High.
Links to other pages
  • :-)
  • ; )
  • :(
  • :-P
Pictures can be added to posts as well - please use pictures sparingly, as they take up a great deal of server space. For a translation of emoticons, go to http://www.computeruser.com/resources/dictionary/emoticons.html

Topics and purpose

The ATPoBtVS/AtS Posting Board is a place where BtVS and AtS fans enjoy intelligent, articulate discussions of their favorite show(s) in a casual, friendly, and polite environment.

Posters discuss everything from philosophy, e.g.,

to the artistic and literary merits of various episodes (music, lighting, camera work, writing, metaphor), to just-plain-fun debates about Buffy's hair or Anya's winning personality, and of course, there is always on-going chatter about cats, Canadians, and preferences in chocolate-covered characters masquerading under impressive-sounding subject lines such as "Angel reading Sartre".

Spoiler Policy

Besides certain expectations of courtesy, new posters should also know that this is not a spoiler board. Many posters don't want to know (and you should not assume they already know) what is going to happen in upcoming episodes.

1. If you want to share a little ditty that relates to next season or a new episode airing in the coming weeks, put spoiler warnings on your subject line: e.g.,

Better yet, if you know the upcoming episode(s) the spoiler applies to, specify it in the subject line with season number and episode number, e.g.:

  • My theory (*Spoilers for future episode 7.9*)

2. Episodes that have already aired this week in the U.S. and Canada should also be labeled with spoiler warnings. This is because not all posters get to see the episodes on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Some have to wait until Saturday.

  • Thoughts on this week's episode (*Spoilers 7.1*)

3. People outside the U.S. and Canada also post on this board. The episodes they see are sometimes several months behind North America. It's unreasonable to expect spoiler warnings for an episode to last for months, but try to be courteous about revealing big major plot twists that have already aired in your subject line!

The same holds true for the ATPoBtVS/AtS chatroom. If you want to post on/chat about spoilers with the ATPoBtVS/AtS crowd, go to our Spoiler Trollop posting board. It has a chat room, too!

Board slang

AD: Alexis Denisof (Wesley)
AH: Alyson Hannigan (Willow)
ASH: Anthony Stewart Head (Giles)
AtS: Angel the Series.
ATLtC: All threads lead to Joseph Cambpell.
ATLtR: All threads lead to "Restless".
ATLtS: All threads lead to Spike.
ATLtOMWF: All threads lead to "Once More, With Feeling"
ATPoBtVS/AtS: All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series
AYNOHYEB: Are you now or have you ever been... (A:tS episode)
B1, B2: Becoming, pt 1, pt 2 (BtVS episode)
BBB: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (BtVS episode)
BtVS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
CC: Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia)
CDCW: Canadian Demon Cat Worshippers
DB: David Boreanaz (Angel)
Existential Scoobies: (1) Folks who hang out at the ATPoBtVS/AtS Discussion Forum. (2) A
website containing essays and fic written by (1)
FFL: Fool for love (BtVS episode)
FH&T: Faith, Hope and Trick (BtVS episode)
G1, G2 (or GD1, GD2): Graduation (Day) pt 1, pt 2 (BtVS episode)
GWBG: Guise will be guise (A:tS episode)
Hellobot: A perky plasticine 'bot for greeting newbies and general niceness
IGYUMS: I've got you under my skin (A:tS episode)
IIRC: If I recall correctly.
IOHEFY: I only have eyes for you (BtVS episode)
IRYJ: I robot, you Jane (BtVS episode)
IWMTLY: I was made to love you (BtVS episode)
IWRY: I will remember you (A:tS episode)
KABOOM!: The following thread is so rich with philosophical goodness it may actually make your head explode.*
JAR: J August Richards (Gunn)
J/K: just kidding
JM: James Marsters (Spike)
LOL: Laugh out loud.
ME: Mutant Enemy (the writers of BtVS episodes)
MT: Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn)
NB: Nicholas Brendon (Xander)
NKABOTFD: Never kill a boy on the first date (BtVS episode)
(NT): "no text". The entirety of this post is contained in the subject line. You do not need to add this yourself, the discussion board software will do it for you. Click on a link marked "N/T" only if you want to post a reply (or for fun, if you like clicking).
OMWF: Once More, With Feeling (BtVS episode)
OOMM: Out of my mind (BtVS episode)
OT: off-topic. Usually included on a subject line that veers from the topic of the thread it's in. May alternatively indicate an entire thread that is not specifically BtVS- or AtS-related.
The PTB(s): The Powers that Be, the mystical, mysterious force for good in the Buffyverse.
ROFLMAO: Roll on the floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOL: Roll on the floor laughing out loud
RWAV: Room with a view (A:tS episode)
SAR: Some assembly required (BtVS episode)
SG: Seth Green (Oz)
SMG: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Spoiler Trollops: Folks who like to know what's going to happen before it airs. They swap rumors and spoiler websites and probably have hairy palms.
THLOD: The harsh light of day (BtVS episode)
TIIT: The "I" in team (BtVS episode)
TNPLPG: There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb (A:tS episode)
Troll: a rude and/or confrontative poster
Trollbot: Slays trolls. With kindness, philosophy, or the delete button, depending on strategic advantage
TSILA: To Shanshu in L.A. (A:tS episode)
TTMQ: Thinks too much quotient (see regular posters below)*
TTSWS: This thread starts with Spike.
TWOTW: The weight of the world (BtVS episode)
TYG: This years girl (BtVS episode)

  • C: Chocolate is prominently featured in the following thread. Intense cravings may result.*
  • CC: Chocolate and Cats are prominently featured in the following thread (you can use one or two C's to represent any of the three C's).
  • CCC: Chocolate, Cats, and Canadians are prominently featured in the following thread.
  • DM: The following thread is not for those with a weak bladder. May result in a Depends Moment.*
  • dne/d: Warning, Do Not Eat or Drink while reading thread. For when you don't want to be cleaning out the keyboard with q-tips. Potential CHOKING hazard.**
WAY: Who are you? (BtVS episode)
WttH: Welcome to the Hellmouth (BtVS episode)
WTWTA: Where the wild things are (BtVS episode)

* by OnM
** by Isabel

Board netiquette

I want the ATPoBtVS/AtS Posting Board to be a place where people can freely exchange ideas about the shows and relate them to real life if they choose. Let's just remember the limitations of the medium, though. All the internet boards I've ever been to suffer occasional problems of (apparently) rude posters, mud-slinging, and extremist views. It's the nature of the beast. You can be as anonymous as you want on the internet and people tend to speak more freely (which is good) and more cavalierly (which often isn't). And we don't have body language and intonations to help us interpret their meaning [beyond emoticons anyway-- : ) ].

If you are angered by or in doubt about someone's meaning, please ask them (nicely) to clarify. Feel free to give constructive challenges to others' viewpoints, but remember:

Posting names: Posting names are the names we use to identify ourselves to others on the board. You are permitted to change your name from time to time if you don't like the one you've been using; should you do this, you are encouraged to let others know what your old name was for a brief period before making the change permanent. You can also post under a well-known alternative name or pseudonym (like the "evil alter-egos"). However, posting under one or more pseudonyms in an attempt to hide your identity from other posters is discouraged and considered bad manners on this forum. The moderators of this forum, as part of their normal duties, see the IP addresses identifying the computer from which each post originates, and will likely know who originated this "anonymous" post. You post will not be deleted, nor will you be banned if you do this, but it is considered common courtesy to refrain from doing it.

Biggest rule: Have fun!

The poster's prayer - d'Herblay, 9/18/02 21:12

1 Voy is my shepherd; I shall not want to revive a thread.
2 It maketh me to lie down in green pastures of thought: it leadeth me beside the still waters of contemplation.
3 It restoreth my sole reason for logging in: it leadeth me in the path of self-righteousness for my posting name's sake.
4 Yea, though I walk through the shadow of this valley of books, I will fear no footnote: for Voy art with me; its double posts and quick archivation they frustrate me, but in an oddly comforting way, like when Anya says something exasperating yet still endearing; she and Giles are so cute.
5 It preparest a table before me in the presence of my fellow posters: it anointest my head with new perspectives; my metaphor runneth over.
6 Surely LOLs and Ka-BOOM!!s shall follow me all the days I'm online: and I will dwell in the house of Voy for ever.

Of course, if I take too long, I can always ask Masq to bring it back!

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