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If you have been an ATPoBtVS&AtS Forums Poster for long enough that you can answer #8 and #9, then you're ready to join our honor roll of Existential Scoobies. Use the following list, assembled by OnM, as your starting point.

  1. BtVS watcher since [year, season, episode, date, whichever you remember]
  2. Hanging out at ATPoBtVS/AtS Posting Board since [year, season, episode, date, whichever you remember]
  3. Origin of posting name
  4. Age / species / day-job
  5. Most memorable BtVS/AtS quote
  6. Favorite philosopher
  7. TTMQ [Think Too Much Quotient, scale 1-10, lo-hi]
  8. Strangest thread topic ever posted
  9. Coolest thread topic ever posted
  10. Why I love this board more than unlife itself


Posting board name: Masquerade

  1. BtVS/AtS watcher since March 10, 1997 (or the Montreal, Quebec YTV equivalent of the premeire, "Welcome to the Hellmouth")
  2. Hanging out at ATPoBtVS/AtS Posting Board since 6/14/2000
  3. This was my Bronze posting name starting in season 3. It represents my collasal lack of imagination. I was going to call myself "Posting Board Name" but "Masquerade" was shorter.
  4. 38 / fiction writer, philosopher / database manager
  5. Angelus' entire voice-over in Passion [most people I assume will put actual quotes here, such as "Buffy! Behind you!"
  6. Quentin Crisp
  7. TTMQ: 10, whadya think?
  8. The Philosophy of Buffy's hairstyles
  9. Too many to count!
  10. It's my baby *sniff* and now it's leaving home and hitting the big time! *sniff

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