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The Real Meaning of your ATPoBtVS Alias
by Solitude1056 (with help from Christeos Pir and the ATPoBtVS board members)

The following definitions were based on first impressions and other strange mental synchronicities, and are intended entirely for entertainment and the posters' mass enjoyment. In most cases, the meanings presented here having little to do with the poster's actual name meaning. Go to the Scoobies' Pages to read about the "real" meanings of an alias.

Age: Is that Bronze or Iron?
AK-UK: Echolalia, misspelled.
Andy: slightly raggedy.
Anom: used to be aerets.
Anthony8: wanted to be Eve6, but it was taken.
Aquitaine: prefers bottled water, thank you.
Astar: but low in nicotine!
Airborne Apostate: Julian in the sky with diamonds.
Brian: Last name, Damage.
bible belt: Anti-Darwinian Suspenders.
Becky74: far too much woman for Anthony8.
boy mercury: in short pants and retrograde.
Boxdman: but Baytovan rulz.
Cactus Watcher: Pointless, but only in a figurative sense.
change: "Gimme two quarters, I'll give you three dimes."
Charlemagne20: sat next to Napoleon23 in basket-weaving class
celticross: pissed-off pict.
Chew-Lean: Han Solo's original sidekick.
cknight: the dark side of C++.
Cleanthes: "Starched, or just pressed?"
Clueless: uh...
Coral Cat: at night, all felines are peach.
Cygnus: In hoc cygnus vinces!
cjc36: cheaper than freon
chuk_38: and his big brother bil_357
dark poet: "I'll wear black til they come up with something darker."
darrenK: the cosmetic line you've never heard of.
Dedalus: wax and feathers. or is that tar and feathers..?
DEN: down the hall from LR
Deeva: I can hit that note in one, uh, note.
dream of the consortium: 80's one-hit goth band
drizzt: more conditioner will take care of that!
Dariel: along with his other brother, Dariel.
Darrick: has a nice rig to it.
Duo: "Yeah, but the check's in the mail."
Dichotomy: "Hey, it was elective surgery."
D'Herblay: herbal ecstasy
Dreaded Dawn: "Sun comin' up, mon."
dy: skip It, and just Do Yourself.
Emcee003: trying to one-up Einstein.
Etoile: not quite chenille.
FanMan: "if only I had air conditioning..."
fresne: oh, like totally tubular...!
gds: "Yes, Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel."
grifter: everyone needs a hobby
Greta: the breadcrumbs were Hansa's idea.
Halcyon: couldn't afford prozac.
Helen: Last name, Wheels.
heywhynot: an accountant whose idea of a thrill is putting in a quarter... and taking out two newspapers.
Humanitas: "Yeah, I like people. No, really."
Hazen: fraternity prank
Javoher: Javoher? I hardly know her.
Jazz: Zip's younger sibling.
Jarrod Harmier: real name, Bob Smith.
Jen C.: not quite Jen X, but young at heart.
Jack McCoy: Almost the real thing.
JoRus: Goo Goo Ga-joob.
JBone: vegetarian.
John Burwood: real name, Herbert Finkelstein.
Kerri: ...me back to ol virginny.
kostadis roussos: "I prefer the term Russian Janitorial Engineer."
KoopaFanatic: ...if only to keep them from harming themselves.
Lady Starlight: The softer side of astrophysics.
Lampbane: effective against werelamps.
Lazarus: That's no excuse for being late for work.
Leaf: Eric's son.
Leora: just another 'Lion in the Sun'
Liquidram: Taurus, with Cancer rising.
Little One: actually six-foot-two.
little devil: currently ranked as The 29th Evil.
Lucifer Sponge: "One day I'll be satan's loofah. You'll see. I'm going places."
Lunarchickk: Pull your pants up, there's a cop.
Lurker Becoming Restless: chooses long alias due to minor inferiority complex from having a one-syllable first name.
Lyra: the third Gershwin brother.
macadam: only 77% nut.
maddog: favorite show: 20/20.
Malandanza: kind of like "abracadabra," but different.
Manoon: say "man on the moon" ten times, really fast.
Marie: Real name, Nefaria DarkAmber.
marta: hello farta, here I am, at camp grenarta...
matching mole: and if you get three, you win a prize.
Masquerade: "who was that masked philosopher?"
Moose: First name: Vam.
Methodica: Heavy metal for bookkeepers
Mindtrekker: Join the Army, sweep your mindfield.
Mishka: bear with me, I'll think of something.
Morgane: suffers from headaches, hair loss, & a tendency to plot about being queen of England.
mundusmundi: tends to croon old Mommas & Papas songs at the dentist's office, but translates them into latin first.

Nadya V: if you disagree, Shakya T.
Neaux: evil twin to Iuhss.
Newbie: Masquerade, in disguise.
Nina: has a stash of old german punk rock vinyl tucked away in the back of the hallway closet, behind the rolls of toilet tissue.
Olympia: Not everyone can be the Himalayas.
OnM: the Misspelled Buddhist
o: James Bond's stylist.

penjorgensen: Welsh Dane
purplegrrl: a devotee of the artist formerly known as an unpronounceable symbol who was formerly known as the artist named Prince.
pocky: hanky not included.
Plain Jane: Plaid Jane on holidays.
Percy: poetaster.
Poppie: "I yam what I yam."
Rahael: one letter short of being an angel.
Rattletrap: drives an MG.
Rendyl: was aiming for Renfield but just couldn't groove on the bug-eating parts.
Reina: in winter, Snowa.
RichardX1: Crusader Bot.
Ryuei: Really? R YU one, too?
RabidHarpy: Do NOT piss this person off.
Rosenberg: still looking for Guildenstein.
robert: pigeon tartar.
rowan: ...as hard as she can.
Rufus: Latin for "professional shingler."
sasha: That's Mr. Cummberbund to you, buddy.
Shaglio: "The landlord says I can't rip it up, but I figure it goes with the lava lamps."
Scout: Boo Radley, come out and play!
Shiver: Frequently seen in company of Vishner and Brahmer.
SingedCat: Coral Cat, after making dinner.
Sheri: sweeter than Brandi.
sassette: step up from 8-trask.
spike lover: volleyball afficionado.
Solitude1056: Sole over-achieving vanguard of the Norman Invasion.
Sebastian: British, definitely.
Slayrunt: card-carrying member of Petite Killers Inc
sollig: "It's my last six tiles, and yes, it really is a word!"
spotjon: sometimes only bleach will do the trick.
squireboy: not quite a knight. more like a late afternoon.
Simplicity: I'm seeing a pattern here.
Tanker: You're welcome.
The Godfather: Give him a pseudonym he can't refuse.
Traveler: real name: Willy Loman.
Tillow: A lesser-known king of the Huns.
thisbe: brought to you by Whamm-O (TM).
Umbriel: The patron saint of parasol manufacturers.
verdantheart: 1/3rd of an evil law firm who's a closet green thumb.
Victor Enfante: you'd be surprised how far a temper tantrum can get you.
VampRiley: favorite bumper sticker: "Keep On Suckin'"
Virgill Reality: sells condos in the ninth circle of Microsoft.
vampire hunter D: harbors a secret love of retro 80's.
voyageofbeagle: misanthropic traveller.
vulpes: A little penicillin will clear that up.
Voxpopuli: Woody Guthrie, when in Rome.
Wiccagrrl: Purplegrrl's evil twin.
Wilder: Even crazier than Oscar.
Whisper2aScream: This one goes to eleven.
WanderLost: Refuses to ask directions.
Wynn: Anytime.
WatcherBaz: SeeherRinz.
Wisewoman: used to be blonde, but defected.
zilla: The Atheist Destroyer of Tokyo
Zus: Suprm rulr of th havns

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